Narrative Essay Best Day Of My Life

It was 17th of June. It was the best day of my life, because I was waiting for this moment for a long time. It was my 18th birthday. My sweet 18.

A few days before, I thought, that it will be the best day of my life and I spend it with my family, and in the evening I will make a big party with all my friends. But when that day came, it wasn´t such as I was dreaming about it. My parents had got for me a big surprise. It was a really big surprise but horrible, They told me, that we are going on holiday to Bulgaria and we are leaving in the afternoon. I was sad. It wasn´t my decision and I was angry at my parents. Why didn´t they ask me, if I want to be miles away on my birthday without my friends or my grandparents and the rest of my family? I was so disappointed. How could they do this to me? With a tears in my eyes I was packing my clothes into my suit case. We were travelling by car. I fell asleep. When I wake up, I couldn´t believe my eyes. I was at my gradmother´s new big house near Nitra, with a big pool outside of the house. It was great! Everything was decorated, and there were all my friends and my family too. I didn´t understand it. My mother told me, that a holiday in Bulgaria was a joke. I was so happy, because the party was great.

I´m a lucky girl to have such a friends and family around me, because they made for me the best present for my birthday. We were all together and we had the best party time. It was the most interesting day of my life.

The Worst Day Of My Life

815 words - 3 pages It was a beautiful Saturday October 20, 2012. The sun was out the air was fresh and the wind blew around 5-10 mph. I rode the train downtown to check on a celebrity grooming job and when I got there the place was nice. I sat down to talk and have tea with the stylists and owner at the salon to get me prepared for the job. After everything was explained and I got to know everyone I received a call from Vanessa. Vanessa has been my best friend for 8 years. She wanted to meet up with me and have a talk. I gave Vanessa directions on how to ride the train to where I was and she came. I was so happy to see her and very happy she came because Vanessa really don’t like riding Marta so I didn’t think... VIEW DOCUMENT

The Worst Day of My Life

1446 words - 6 pages The Worst Day of My Life It was the worst day of my life. I really had no attention of getting caught but unfortunately it was one of my unlucky days. The morning of July 16th was sunny and clear in New Delhi, the sun was glowing on his full height; the school ground was full of grade seven kids running around and playing soccer. Me and my other grade eight friends were there too sitting by the soccer ground on a shiny green grass and enjoying the hot sunny day of July 16th. “You know we are suppose to be in English class right now”, said the guy with the blond hair name Sunil. He was one of the boys who like to stay out of troubles because of his cruel parents who... VIEW DOCUMENT

Reflective essay: "The best game of my life!"

538 words - 2 pages Around six years ago I remember my parents encouraging me to play ice hockey. It was my first time on the ice and I had a bit of trouble getting started, but as I played more I began to love the sport and I just couldn't get enough of it, now it has become a significant part of my life. In this essay I will reflect upon a very important and exciting ice-hockey game that took place a while ago, and in which I took part.Every single chair in the arena had been filled. From the changing-room it was difficult to describe the noise; fans cheering wildly for their team, coaches drilling the game-plan into our heads,... VIEW DOCUMENT

The Day My Life Changed Essay

845 words - 3 pages I stepped through the door to my grandmother and grandfather's home without even a knock. My grandpa looked up from the television he was watching, from his cozy comer chair.He had a head of snowy white hair gleaming in the room. Over his broad body, hung a navy blue dress shirt and a fuzzy cardigan sweater. He wore slacks, held up awkwardly by a belt, allowing his small potbelly to hang over it. His face showed the years of worry and stress, and his white bushy eyebrows and growing second chin showed his old age. His smile greeted me. As I drew close to him, his aging arms reached out and wrapped around my body and pulled me into a warm loving hug. As he released me from the hug,... VIEW DOCUMENT

The Day My Life Began Essay

1020 words - 4 pages There were hundreds of them. Crawling over me, spreading bacteria, germs, diseases, laying their filthy eggs under my pale skin. I scratch, I scrape, I claw at them, but they just multiply before my eyes. Countless dirty great cockroaches, scuttling over, under, through my clothes, repulsive fat maggots, obviously well fed, come oozing out from under my skin. The pain is overwhelming me. No matter how hard I try, to free myself of these foul creatures that I have only seen in my most sinister dreams, they won't disappear. They are on my skin, in my clothes, they are in me. My dark hair is now infested with deplorable, despicable, detestable, disgusting, bugs. It won't ever be clean again,... VIEW DOCUMENT

The Worst Day of My Life...With Sprinkles on Top

597 words - 2 pages The Worst Day of My Life...With Sprinkles on TopEven though it is the correct texture, believe me when I say that caramel sauce makes a terrible hair gel! The time I spent working at my uncle's ice cream stand was the worst six hours of my life. If I had had any idea how work would effect my sanity, I would have kept my mouth shut and never asked for a carWorking part-time to pay half the car's cost, and letting my parents cover the remainder, seemed like a splendid compromise. My job seemed easy. I had to stand behind the counter, greet customers and scoop cones.I wanted to look professional for... VIEW DOCUMENT

A Day in The Life of My Son

985 words - 4 pages The observation of a child is a very wonderful and tiring experience. I chose to observe my son Erick who is a little over a year old. From the moment he woke up in the morning, he was very active. First, he expressed to me that he was hungry and thirsty. I put him in his chair and watched him eat. Using his fork very slowly and carefully he stabbed each piece of scrambled egg and then put the fork into his mouth. Chewing his food, he smiled through every bite. When it was time to drink Erick put his fork down and with both hands, he picked up his sippy cup and drank. The whole time he peered over the top of his cup, watching me watch him. Breakfast was over with as Erick began to wash... VIEW DOCUMENT

The Best and Worst of My Boss

595 words - 2 pages Everyone by nature has good and bad qualities. A Boss is no exception to this, therefore, the best boss I've ever had is also in some ways the worst.I currently work alone with my boss and the owner of Heath Sign Company in Athens, Pennsylvania making vinyl and painted signs and graphics. One thing that makes a good boss is respect. My boss has many of the same values and ambitions as myself which makes it very easy for me to respect and admire him. One day during the first week I worked with my boss I was... VIEW DOCUMENT

A Day in My Life Essay

3454 words - 14 pages A Day in My Life It's 7am and once again the annoying repetitive sound of the alarm on my phone rings again. As I still have my eyes closed, I feel around the floor for my phone to stop the alarm. After ten seconds I find the cancel button, the alarm is still ringing in my ears. Eventually I open my eyes to find nothing but darkness. I feel as dead as Kurt Cobain. I stumble to the door and pull down the cold handle. As I open the door, I hear the sound of the T.V downstairs. I sit on the top step of the steep stairs knowing if I were to try and walk I would most probably fall. When I reach the bottom I see my Dad lying on the sofa looking ... VIEW DOCUMENT

A Day In My Life

1683 words - 7 pages I am a stay-at-home mom. When I used to hear the words stay-at-home mom, I would picture; a mom eating bon-bons, lounging on the sofa watching soap shows all day. This is a common stereotype for stay-at-home moms, who have choose to let their careers go out the window to stay home with the children; however, I have chosen to be a stay-at-home mom while being a full time college student, as well as being a full time mom. In order to dispel some of the stereotypes of a stay-at-home mom, allow me to share a typical day in my life as a stay-at-home mom of my nine month old daughter. My day usually starts at seven in the morning. If my daughter has not woken up yet, I usually get up to do a... VIEW DOCUMENT

Aristotle: The Life of Contemplation is the Best Life

1238 words - 5 pages In Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle discusses happiness to be the 'ultimate goal' for living a virtuous life. With this in mind, he came up with the theory of there being two types of good: The instrumental good; when one choosing something for the sake of another and intrinsic good; when one chooses something for its own sake. Chief good is another theory developed by Aristotle that shares similarities with intrinsic good. Furthermore an example of a chief good would be the concept of happiness. One who believes that happiness is the "ultimate goal" has to realize that whatever one does in life, or... VIEW DOCUMENT

My Favorite Day of the Week

728 words - 3 pages Everyone has a favorite day, my favorite day happens to be at the end of the week. Monday to Saturday I work to what seem to be never ending shifts and go to school. Working all day just go to school at night. The week consist of hard work and hours of studying. When Sunday comes along all of that changes. Sundays are my favorite day of the week. Early in the morning I wake up cold, feeling my partners warm body across the bed. I snuggle up to him for warmth. The movement of my body awakens him. He smiles, he has such a wonderful smile that seems to be brighter then the sun to me. Just like any normal teenage boy would do early in the morning he falls back to sleep. I lay snuggled up to him,... VIEW DOCUMENT

Day in the Life of Christopher Columbus

536 words - 2 pages A Day in the Life of Christopher ColumbusLogbook of the Santa MariaCaptain's Entry August 3, 1492I cannot believe it! After being turned down repeatedly by King John II of Portugal, the Spanish monarchs, and the King of England, my hard work and persistence has finally paid off. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain have agreed to finance my expedition after I spent eight years trying to convince someone that it is possible to find a direct sea route to the Far East by sailing west. I do not know if King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella agreed because their recent victory in... VIEW DOCUMENT

My Best Friend - The Internet

1053 words - 4 pages The Internet "Technology" is the word derived from Greek word "teknologia" from early 17th century, which literally means "science of craft". One can say technology is the wave to future. While it may be easy to think how technology benefits society, we must understand that it is a double edged sword, one that can harm its users just as quickly as it can help them. However; Internet has played vital role in my life and I cannot envision my life without it, because it serves as a time and money saving tool, and it serves as a bridge for faster and hassle free communication with my family and friends. Time and money only seem to matter when they are running out; this statement is true for... VIEW DOCUMENT

My Personal Best: The Grove

1473 words - 6 pages Prior to the 2008-2009 school year, the technology resource teacher (TRT) community knowledge-base was distributed across a variety of electronic resources, including Blackboard, server shares, district web pages, email, computer hard drives, and a performance database. The information remained in isolation, and the existing resources did not reflect the massive collection of knowledge and expertise within the TRT community. After only 6 months as a TRT in the spring of 2005, I proposed the use of wiki technology to collect and consolidate our diverse resources. This proposal evolved into The Grove, our TRT community knowledge-base. Even though I consider The Grove to be my personal... VIEW DOCUMENT

The Story of My Life

855 words - 3 pages This explains the beginning of my life all the way to the end of my life. My life from the beginning was very fun as I grew up living with my mom’s friend and my friend. But there were a lot of fights and I was very hyper back then. I have ADHD so back then when I was little; I was very hyper and wouldn't stop moving around the place. I always was annoying back then and never seemed to get my homework done at school. I was born at Kaiser Hospital during the year 1996. The first place I lived was on the street Via Harriet and was right next to a train. It was always noisy when the train passed by because it shook the house and scared all the animals. It wasn’t the best place to live, but we... VIEW DOCUMENT

The love of my life

665 words - 3 pages Even I didn't recognize myself. I don't know why I gothrough those periods of time... but every once in a whileI do. I haven't now in a while though... I haven't feltsexually deviant or angry. I have been a bit distant, andsomewhat depressed, but by now I am used to that. I neededto write today, because... yet AGAIN, I am thinking aboutmy ex. It has been almost eight years since I have seenhim, and in the time since I have met, dated, & married myhusband; but I still can't get HIM out of my head.Does anyone out there know if there is such a thing astrue love? I mean from the day I met Jim, I have nevergone a... VIEW DOCUMENT

My Life vs Life of the Poor

591 words - 2 pages The life I now have and the life I am glad I do not have are different in terms of the things I have. I am very thankful that I get to choose the things I want just like someone less fortunate they get to pick through donated items. Despite the fact that most of their items are used they still get what they need. If there is ever anything I need I know there is help out there in the same way as to someone less fortunate. The shelter I have now compared to someone less fortunate is that they both provide safety and privacy in the living environment. I live in a house that I know I am safe in. I have privacy in my home which makes me feel very safe. Someone less fortunate may live in a... VIEW DOCUMENT

Personal Narrative: A Day In My Life

1723 words - 7 pages I usually wake up at around 7:00 am. My actual alarm time is at 6:30 am but I always snooze it. In the holidays, I wake up around 12 o’ clock. My friends say that I am the laziest person in the world. The first thing I hear from my mum is, “You are late”. I will then stream downstairs for breakfast. My parents always say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So I try my level best not to miss it. My mum really loves cooking, so I can have different varieties of breakfast everyday. But my favourite breakfast is cereals. It will always put me in a good mood to be in school. When breakfast is finished, everything is a rollercoaster for everyone in the family including me. My... VIEW DOCUMENT

Personal Narrative: My BFFEL - Best Friend For Eternal Life

915 words - 4 pages I remember one of my BFFEL (best friends for eternal life), I think she was the closest to me because we had so much in common. We were both from countries that weren’t the U.S., we had both left our regular lives far away, and we had both been crazy enough to be each other’s best friend. Even though she was from Canada and me from Argentina, and we only had one year together, you could swear that we were friends from a really long time. KayLe was the coolest person to be my friend, not only because she came from a cold place, but because she was always there for me, the whole school year we had together we had fights or I would fight with our friend and she would always be in the middle,... VIEW DOCUMENT

The Day in the Life of a Drug Addict

845 words - 3 pages I awoke to the smell of an old house, the lights were off and the house was cold and damp. Doug was nudging me saying 'Wake-up! I got us a wake-up . . . get out of bed!' He was wide awake and holding a sixteenth of cocaine in his hand. My stomach started churring as I got up and ran to the restroom. He had woken me up many days like this but today Doug really had the dope. He enjoyed waking me up and making me think he had some cocaine, but most days he did not.After I threw up, I washed my face leaving the water... VIEW DOCUMENT

A Day in the Life of- Personal Narrative

1099 words - 4 pages A Day in the Life of- Personal Narrative Being shaken awake by my mum I turn over annoyed, thrown my pillow over my head and groan in miserable agony at the thought of having another early morning. That dreaded feeling, the kind that makes you feel like your heart’s in the pit of your stomach, overcomes me as I know that at any moment my mum is going to put on the light, open the curtains and threaten me with a jug of cold water or being dragged by my feet out of bed, and promptly down the very bumpy staircase. I begrudgingly pull myself off the bed and half walk, half fall into my bathroom. Even with all my misery it gets ten times worse with the ... VIEW DOCUMENT

Alexander Solzhenitsyn's One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

1247 words - 5 pages This assignment is based on Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich. Through a creative approach, I will be demonstrating some of the aspects of Solzhenistsyn’s text. I will be inserting a scene in which Shukhov, the protagonist, is sitting outside, adjusting his boots. This text is full of a plethora of literary techniques and symbols but the aim of my piece is to specifically demonstrate the stylistic feature of time, two of the three narrative styles and certain symbols via the above scenario. First published in 1962, this work depicts Stalin’s forced-work camps through labour-camp inmate Ivan Denisovich, Shukhov, and his struggle to maintain his dignity in the... VIEW DOCUMENT

A Life In The Day Of Oliver Reed

744 words - 3 pages A Life in the Day of Oliver Reed The late Oliver Reed, born on February 13th 1938 in Wimbledon, London, was sent to boarding school at the age of four. Oliver Reed who married his sixteen year-old wife, Josephine Burge at the ripe old age of forty-two was renowned for his interests in "˜wine and young women'. Reed's highly paid acting career was overshadowed by the drunken binges and bar brawls. His only regret being: "That I haven't drunk every pub dry and slept with every woman on earth." Reed starred in "˜London Calling', "˜Women in Love', "˜The 3 Musketeers'... VIEW DOCUMENT

A Day in the Life of Detective Gomez: Observation Essay.

958 words - 4 pages My day started out just like any other with the exception of going to see my bother in law. I commenced to make my way to his precinct in Inglewood. He works for the Narcotics Division as a detective. He has been doing this for 5 years and has slowly worked his way up the ladder of success. He was gracious enough for letting me tag along for the day to see how he works. "Not every day is the same, each day brings a new adventure," he stated. Luckily for me today he was not going to be going on any big bust or raid. I was to spend my day watching and listening tohim inside a federal building. He is on the hunt for a major player for a gang called the Crenshaw Bloods Gangster Mafia,... VIEW DOCUMENT

A Day in the Life of a Mental Health Counselor

1866 words - 7 pages It is a privilege to interview veteran therapists who are exiting the counseling arena after a long career in the profession. I was honored to shadow Lea Keylon, a seasoned counselor, who on the eve of retirement set aside time for a student interview. The enlightening interview opened my understanding to the importance of proper diagnostic coding for insurance reimbursements, the financial struggles of private practice, and the poignant effect of forensic counseling on therapist (L. Keylon, personal communication, March 26, 2010). Lea was eager to share her counseling accounts; however, the excitement of retirement planning could be seen in her demeanor. Private practice requires... VIEW DOCUMENT

The day and life of an er doctor

1220 words - 5 pages Dr. Susan Sabatier casually walks into work Saturday evening immediately being informed of what would soon arrive in the emergency room. She had no more than a few minutes to prepare herself for a suicidal drug-hungry crack head; a motorcyclist with a mangled leg and many serious wounds; and a hunter with a crushed skull. The three victims are raced into the ER with only minutes between each arrival. Luckily the other ER doctor that Dr. Susan was relieving stuck around for "the excitement", that they strangely called it. Dr. Susan and Dr. StAmant exchange glances with words that must have been in a... VIEW DOCUMENT

A Day in the Life of a Fire Fighter

1535 words - 6 pages In the modern sense, the fire departments advanced trucks, equipment and tactics are a comparatively recent development. Their personnel are either volunteer (non-salaried) or career (salaried). Typically, career fire fighters are in larger cities, and volunteer fire fighters are found when firefighters are training to become a ful time employee, and in smaller communities. During the past few months, I have learned a vast amount of information which has clarified what it is exactly that firefighters do on a daily basis and has helped influence my decision to work my hardest to gain the title of a firefighter. I have learned about the fire departments interview process, fire tactics,... VIEW DOCUMENT

"The life and crimes of Harry lavender" by Marele Day.

1146 words - 5 pages "Witty, wryly humorous and fast-paced, "The Life and Crimes of Harry Lavender" is a thriller with a twist which brilliantly evokes the sleaze below the surface of the city's glittering façade". Is this what the novel is about?Marele Day's novel, "The Life and Crimes of Harry Lavender" explores a large scope of issues related to... VIEW DOCUMENT

The Relevance of Philosophy in Every Day Life

723 words - 3 pages The entire world does not exist; everything people knew was not real, and humans are nothing but an electromagnetic pulse. In other words, we might be living in a mind of another superior, and practically do not necessarily exist. It is metaphysics, a branch of philosophy that people ponder upon. As obscure it might seem, philosophy does apply to everyday practical life and it does not only deal with existential queries. Philosophies’ relevance to life can be seen in many aspects, from our general everyday knowledge, to the questions of right and wrong, and even stemming to the whole structure of society itself. Humans are naturally curious; for thousands of years, people ponder over... VIEW DOCUMENT

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich..reveiw

2687 words - 11 pages alexsander Solzhenitsyn's novel sander Solzhenitsyn's novel One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich chronicles one man's struggle for survival in a harsh Siberian labor camp. After World War II, many Russian men were put into Siberian prison camps under false charges. Ivan Denisovich Shukhov, imprisoned for alleged treason against the Soviet government, is one of these men. He is a strong man, determined to live out his sentence and to be free. The primary theme in this novel is the endurance of humanity and fight for survival. This theme is known throughout the world and touches many people close to heart; survival is a fight every human must take part in, although ones fight is much... VIEW DOCUMENT

One Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich - Analytical Essay

1398 words - 6 pages Russia, has a lowest ever temperature of –44ºC, and an average of 104 days a year above 0ºC and a yearly average of 261 days below 0 ºC. It is the second coldest continent in the world only behind Antarctica, it snows on average 111 days of the year. It is dark, gloomy, freezing and miserable in the winter, and in the summer, cold, dark, and gloomy. Camps for political prisoners seemed even colder, especially with no real heating and limited clothes to wear on these wintriness days. The camp which was the bases of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s novel A Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich was initiated by Stalin, leader of the Soviet Union from 1953 until 1956. Stalin, which means “man of steel”,... VIEW DOCUMENT

A Day in the Life of a Gnome

613 words - 2 pages Once upon a time there was a gnome named Knob, who livedthe far off land of Gnomania. Gnomania is a huge undergroundlair with only one entrance. The only entrance to this lair is byswimming down to the bottom of the ocean floor and knocking ona large clam. On the other side of this clam is an old grouchygnome named Stubby whose only job was to keep the clam clean,and listen for the knock of incoming visitors. To assist Stubby inguarding the clam, he had a pet snark. A snark is an animal or petthat can be used as a watchdog.One day Knob went to visit his grandmother in the land ofGnollie which is about a guzillion... VIEW DOCUMENT

Survival In “One Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisov

1682 words - 7 pages Survival in ?One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich? The main theme of the novel, ?One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich? by Alexander Solzhenitsyn is that of basic human survival. As early as the second page of the novel, Solzhenitsyn already writes the following statement: ?Here, lads, we live by the law of the taiga. But even... VIEW DOCUMENT

A day in the life of an ancient Athenian

1305 words - 5 pages Welcome to Athens, the marvel of Greece! The city which is the fountainhead of beauty, wisdom and knowledge. Even as your ship approaches the Athenian harbor Piraeus, you can see the marble monuments of the Acropolis and the shining golden edge of the spear, which belongs to the gigantic statue of the goddess Pallas Athene. This is one of the greatest works of the sculptor Phidias, and symbolizes both the power and justice of the "violet city" as it was called by his contemporaries.Athenian women had virtually no political rights of any kind and were controlled by men at nearly every stage of their lives.... VIEW DOCUMENT

Best and Worst Characteristics of My Teachers

1285 words - 5 pages The Five Best Characteristics of My Teachers: 1. Demonstrates Positive Attitude/Behavior: An example would be my first grade teacher. She always presented herself respectfully. She set a good example for all of her students and it influenced them to do the same. 2. Interesting Class/Material: My high school history teacher always kept things interesting. He never did the same thing every day and he rarely lectured us. One day he may have started a discussion and the next day he may have used media to give a more detailed description of the topic that we discussed the day before. 3. Sets High Expectations: My high school AP English teacher is a good example for this characteristic.... VIEW DOCUMENT

My Best Friend in the Entire World

948 words - 4 pages My Best Friend in the Entire World Everyone needs a best friend in her lifetime. She needs somebody that she can trust and go to with her problems. A best friend should be there for you all the time, no matter what the situation may be. In my case, I have known my best friend for my entire life. My best friend happens to be my younger sister, Brittany. She is only thirteen months younger than I am, so we are very close. Having Brittany as my best friend has made me into the person I am today. She has taught me how to trust people, how to resolve my problems, and how to open up and express my feelings. I have always had a hard time learning how to trust people. The one... VIEW DOCUMENT

Day in the Life: Intel

671 words - 3 pages Day in the Life: IntelBy Faustina Li, MBA1Published: Monday, April 7, 2003I had high hopes on my visit at Intel - As a senior auditor focusing on hi-tech before business school, I was excited to experience the life in a hi-tech leader as an insider. The Day In the Life visit exceeded my high expectations in many ways.After the matching process, I was the only student selected to visit Intel although there were 4 open slots available. Mr. Larry Walz, Director of Global Employee Services, was the UMBS alumnus that organized the visit. The original DITL was set at VIEW DOCUMENT

The most meaninful experience of my life.

1088 words - 4 pages For many people the most meaningful experience of their lives is well defined, clear and concise. One given occurrence, at a given time and in a clear setting can change the meaning of life for a person.One late night I sat down in a quiet room in my house to think about my personal experiences, the only sound in the house came from an old mantel clock, which I like to keep wound and on time. I very much enjoy listening to the rhythmic tic-tock, and I regard it as a remainder of our time here on earth. The lights were dimmed... VIEW DOCUMENT

The Toughest Decision of My Life

923 words - 4 pages The Toughest Decision of My Life People are often asked the question, “If I could go back in time, what would I change?” But have you ever really thought about the answer to that question? What would you change or what would you keep the same? Accius, a character from Medea, said, “Change rules all things.” (II 118) I never realized how true this would be. When I look back in life, there are many things that I would change, but there is one decision that I am very thankful that I made. That was the decision to continue living with my grandparents and not to move in with my mother. It was a normal afternoon after school when I returned to my house after a busy... VIEW DOCUMENT

The Life of my Puppy, Gingerale

1252 words - 5 pages It was one of the sweetest memories of my life. To begin with, a perfect day was dusking in my new compound. Biking alone, I sighed of boredom and pedaled without energy. Suddenly, a puppy came scuttling out of the bushes. His ginger ale colored fur was like a coat, gleaming under the warm sunlight, the fur on his chest were white. Moving closer, I could see that he was focusing on me with his big eyes that were the color of caramel. He had white eyebrows, and looked as if he was wearing thick eyeliner. The two floppy ears were shaped like triangles that were upside down. He was absolutely adorable. I hopped off my bike and wandered a little bit closer. I could sense from his eyes, he was... VIEW DOCUMENT

The Life of my Dog Precious

1311 words - 5 pages The Life of my Dog Precious Within the animal kingdom, few animals have the characteristics to co exist with humans. Dogs, however, are the exception. For centuries dogs have been known as man’s best friend. Throughout the test of time dogs have proven to be the most loyal and the truest friends. “Dogs are not just our proverbial best friends in the animal world but probably our oldest” (Phillips 12). With this in mind I understand the reason that my dog Precious is my most treasured and loyal friend. On December 24, 1993 I opened my mom’s purse to get some Tylenol and out popped a little puppy. Its fur was soft and blonde, she had freckles on her nose, and she had... VIEW DOCUMENT

The Hardship of My Life- Personal Narrative

762 words - 3 pages The Hardship of My Life- Personal Narrative As I was on the PJC bus to an out of town game, I had some free time to think. Lately, I have had in the back of my mind several troubling areas, so I know that this moment was the time to take care of these situations. If I could overcome certain problems, I would be more successful in the future. First, I have to get over the sudden death of my father. The day I found out my father was killed in an accident while he was on his job, I felt as if my life was over. I was devastated for weeks after hie funeral, but finally I was able to take control of my emotions. By using the defense mechanism apathy, I was able to overcome my intense grief... VIEW DOCUMENT

Piecing Together The Puzzle of My Life

2747 words - 11 pages When times were bad in the nineteen hundreds people begin to immigrate to new parts of the world. Therefore they had to move away from there own country to survive. Many people moved to the north part of the world as many others move to the south part. My great grandparents decided to move to the south. They choose to immigrate to the city of Chihuahua the city was small at that time most part of it was land. People were traveling on horses. They had to travel on horses to go the near nest grocery store. Most of the time they had to produce there own food Chihuahua had good land people could cultivate many foods. Like tomatoes, onions cheese and many other items that were used to... VIEW DOCUMENT

Putting Together The Puzzle of My Life

2689 words - 11 pages Life can be like a puzzle when putting pieces of the history together: When times were bad in the nineteen hundreds people begin to immigrate to new parts of the world. My great grandparents immigrated from Italy in the early nineteen hundreds they had to move away from there own country to survive. Many people moved to the north part of the world as many others move to the south part. My great grandparents decided to move to the south. They choose to immigrate to the city of Chihuahua. The city was small at that time; most part of it was land. People were traveling on horses. They had to travel on horses to go the nearest general store. Most of the time they had to produce... VIEW DOCUMENT

The Importance of Education to My Life

2354 words - 9 pages According to the dictionary an education is “the act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life.” This essay will inform the audience of my opinion on what the value of an education means to me. I will expand on the value of an education not just by what’s attained by “formal education” but also by an “informal education” as well. I will also explain how much we gain just by going through life, which in itself is an education. Based on the definition of education it’s very important that I attain the best possible method of education whether it’s formal... VIEW DOCUMENT

The Most Important Event of My Life

1202 words - 5 pages While most people would probably say something along the lines of a national scandal, natural disaster, or other national news as the most important event of their life time, mine would have to be moving 3 times. Moving really changes your perspective on things, especially after several times.The first time was the easiest. I was born in Louisville, Kentucky and I lived there for 6 years. It was the easiest move since I was so young and didn’t really understand what was going on. I moved to Carmel, Indiana from Louisville. It wasn’t a far move. I was only moving 2 1/2 hours away. On top of that, one of my best friends from when I was that age also moved away. I didn’t really leave “friends”... VIEW DOCUMENT

The Story Of My Life By Helen

655 words - 3 pages The Story of My Life by Helen Keller Inspiration The potency and inspiration of the less-than fortunate never ceases to amaze me. Against physical conditions that would enslave even the strongest of women, Helen Keller challenged her multiple disabilities and became an educated young women in spite of them. Blind and deaf at two, Helen Keller's story of bravery and... VIEW DOCUMENT

The craziest two weeks of my life

667 words - 3 pages It all started thirteen days ago, the craziest two weeks of my life. I was on the phone with a friend who just got done saying, "what a boring day this is." I said" things haven't been this bad since I moved to Pittsburgh." Just as I was done saying that I saw a bright light in the alley. When I looked outside my car was in my driveway in a ball of flames. "I've got to go," is all I said before hanging up on my friend and calling 911. "911," said the receptionist in a slow patient manner. I said, "My car is on fire and I need the fire department quick." "I need your name and address," said the woman still in a slow fashion coming from the... VIEW DOCUMENT

The Best Day Of My Life Essay Examples

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