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The CGRG was established in 1993 at the International Association of Geomorphology Congress in Hamilton, Ontario. The CGRG presently has a membership of about 250, with representation in all parts of Canada and scattered outposts in the U.S. and elsewhere.

  • Cooperating with related earth science associations within Canada including the GAC, AQQUA, CAG, CANQUA and CGU
  • Organizing an annual meeting and related field trips.
  • Sponsoring theme sessions, field trips and workshops at the national and regional meetings of our affiliated assocations.
  • Publishing a newsletter twice a year.
  • Supporting an email listserv that distributes a regular posting of Recent Publications in Canadian Geomorphology.
  • Maintaining a comprehensive web-based Bibliography of Canadian Geomorphology.
  • Supporting the publication of technical reports and field guides.
  • Celebrating the accomplishments of Canadian geomorphologists by presenting awards that include the: J.Ross Mackay Award to recognize significant achievement by a young geomorphologist in Canada; the Olav Slaymaker Awards to recognize the best student oral and poster presentions at the CGRG Annual Meeting, and; presenting the Jean-Claude Dionne and the Alan S. Trenhaile student awards at CGRG sponsored events.

We encourage all earth scientists with an interest in Canadian geomorphology to join the CGRG.


Le GCRG a été fondé en 1993 lors du Congrès International de Géomorphologie à Hamilton, Ontario. Le GCRG est une association scientifique qui regroupe plus de 250 membres en provenance majoritairement du Canada et avec quelques représentants des États-Unis et d’ailleurs dans le monde et qui collabore étroitement aux activités des autres associations canadiennes en sciences de la terre (GAC, AQQUA, ACG, CANQUA et CGU).

  • En parrainant des sessions spéciales dans des congrès scientifiques.
  • En publiant un bulletin bisannuel.
  • en favorisant la publication de rapports techniques et de guides d’excursion.
  • En opérant un forum de discussion (CANGEORG) sur internet qui inclut aussi une importante bibliographie d’ouvrages canadiens dans les domaines de la géomorphologie, du Quaternaire et des géosciences de l’environnement.
  • En attribuant annuellement le Prix J. Ross Mackay à un jeune géomorphologue canadien qui se sera distingué par sa contribution scientifique.

Nous invitons chaleureusement tous les scientifiques qui s’intéressent aux sciences de la terre et à la géomorphologie canadienne à se joindre au GCRG.

View the CGRG Constitution (PDF)


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Canadiana Online This link opens in a new window


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Canadiana Online is projected to digitalize the entire CIHM collection by the end of 2018.

Erudit This link opens in a new window


Erudit is the digital gateway to North American French-language
research outputs in Social Sciences and Humanities. Erudit explores more than 200,000 scholarly and cultural publications in the social sciences and humanities in French and English. it includes journals, theses, books, proceedings and research reports.

Erudit includes the full-text of the Journal of the Canadian Historical Association and Ontario History.

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