Crucible Act 3 Critical Thinking Questions For Interview

Study Questions
1. What does Abigail do when confronted with Mary’s accusation of pretense?

2. What behavior of Abby’s does Proctor bring to the judges’ attention?

3. Why does he choose to reveal these things?

4. What is Reverend Parris’ reaction to these charges against his niece?

5. How is Mary asked to prove that the girls were lying?

6. How does Abigail respond to Mary’s assertions that the girls were all lying?

7. What does Proctor finally call Abigail?

8. Who is brought in to back up this accusation, and what does she do?

9. How does Mary finally respond to Abby’s behavior?

10. What happens to Proctor at the end of the act?

1. Abby denies the proceedings are mere pretense.

2. Abby has laughed at prayer and danced naked in the woods.

3. Proctor attempts to show flaws in Abby’s Christian character that might prove that she is lying.

4. Parris reacts to the charges against Abby as if they were personal insults against himself.

5. Mary is asked to fake fainting to show how the girls were faking in the court.

6. Abigail turns against Mary, claiming that Mary has sent her spirit out to afflict her.

7. In desperation, Proctor calls Abigail a whore, confessing his lechery.

8. Elizabeth is brought in to back up her husband’s testimony, and she lies.

9. Mary is terrified, and rather than risk being hanged as a witch, she once again sides with the other girls and accuses Proctor of being a witch.

10. Proctor is arrested and jailed as a witch.

Study Questions
1. What is the significance of lighting described in the stage directions?

2. Who is being charged as Act Three begins?

3. What possible motive does Giles Corey offer for the accusations against his wife and others?

4. How are these charges received?

5. Why does Giles feel guilty?

6. What do Proctor and Mary Warren bring with them as -evidence?

7. How does Judge Danforth measure his worth?

8. What does Parris do when Proctor attempts to make his case?

9. What is happening to Hale at this point?

10. How is Mary’s statement that the accusations are mere pretense received?

1. The shafts of light entering the room are symbolic of goodness.

2. Martha Corey is being charged as the act begins.

3. Giles Corey accuses Thomas Putnam of attempting to acquire more land.

4. Giles Corey is thrown out of the courtroom and threatened with arrest for contempt.

5. Giles believes he has jeopardized his wife by mentioning that she reads books.

6. They bring a deposition signed by Mary that the trials are a fraud.

7. Judge Danforth measures his worth by the number of people he has jailed and sentenced to hang.

8. Parris attempts to call his Christian character into question.

9. Hale has started to believe that the truth is not being served.

10. The judges believe that the whole group is attempting to undermine the authority of the court by making charges of fraud.

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