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Part 1: The Philosophical Model Utilitarianism: Overall view Utilitarianism is one of the philosophical theories that explain extensive range of things that include choices faced by people. It evaluates actions, laws, policies moral codes and character traits. Its is a form of consequentialism because it relies on actions or consequences of the actions, policies etc. that decide whether the actions are good or bad, right or wrong. Generally, if an action is being evaluated, we should choose the theory that gives the maximum utility or largest amount of good. Utilitarianism is a complex theory even it appears to be simple because it consists of only one evaluative principle. People should know mainly three things that what things are good and bad, whose good should be considered more, and whether the policies, actions are right or wrong by their real consequences. What is good? Jeremy Bentham, a British philosopher answered this question on the basis of hedonism theory. It explains that pleasure of happiness is the only thing that exits itself in good. It is not deniable for the Hedonists that a lot of things of can be good which includes friends, freedom and so on, but in the eyes of hedonists these are valuable goods because they have an important role in producing happiness or pleasure, i.e. good in themselves and not because of producing good things. On the other side, friends, freedom, lack of food can be bad because it produces pain, unhappiness, i.e. bad in themselves and not because of producing bad effects. Who is credited? a) Individual Self- interest

Course Outline School: Advancement Department: General Education & Liberal Studies Program: College Mandated General Education Course Course Title: Global Citizenship: From Social Analysis to Social Action Course Code: GNED-500 Total Course Hours: 45 Prerequisites/Co-requisites: N/A Eligible for Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition: Yes Originated by: John Bissonnette, Mariana Duckitt, Lena Gutekunst, Andrea Jacobs, RM Kennedy, Pepi Lucas, Carmen Perillo, Joyce Robinson, Chet Singh, & John Zhang Revised by: Philip Alaliabo, Khalid Ali, Agnes Kieltyka, Meera Mather, Karen Naidoo, Kisha McPherson, Jared Purdy, Shane Walker and Helen Ziral (June 2011) Effective Semester: Fall 2011 Approved by: __________________________________ Chairperson/Dean Students are expected to review the course outline and to discuss with the professor any areas where clarification is required. Students should keep all course outlines for each course taken at Centennial College. These may be used to apply for transfer of credit to other educational institutions. A fee may be charged for additional or replacement copies.

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