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During this course, this author has been taught about various social issues in today’s society as a whole. Some of these issues include perception of race and culture, poverty, social inequality, urbanization, and more. After exploring all these issues and more, this author has chosen to finish his last assignment on racial discrimination and Hispanic Americans. This author decided upon this specific issue because he has observed this in almost every town or city he has visited as a truck driver. This author thinks it is unfortunate that minorities are still treated unfairly. As citizens of the United States of America, it is useful to become educated on what racial discrimination is and see how it is applied in everyday life. This author…show more content…

In accordance with the racial discrimination act, it is unacceptable to discriminate against people in the areas of necessities because of their ethnic background. These areas include accessing public places, health care, advertising, using public transportation, providing housing accommodation, gaining employment, buying real estate, and supplying goods and services. Under this law, even offensive or negative behaviors or words on the basis of ethnic vilification are disallowed. Racial discrimination is a certainty in the lives of Hispanic Americans, African Americans, and other immigrant groups in the United States.

Despite the significant increase in ethnic and cultural diversity over the past several years, ethnic minority groups like Hispanic Americans continue to strive for a deep respect and equal opportunities. The descendants of the Hispanic culture are migrating to America at a startling rate. In the beginning, they migrate around Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. However, late descendants of Hispanic Americans began to migrate toward steel construction states in America. Most of the population of Spanish descendants is in cultural shock because their experiences after arriving in the United States of America are vastly different from their experience in their native countries. It would be a difficult transition for persons of Spanish descendants to relocate from a different country. They are faced with people who

The first American flag, with 13 stars for the thirteen colonies. First flown in 1777.

Minorities in America are, for the most part, black, Hispanic, and Asian. Most of the blacks were born in America. Their roots are African, but they have been in this country for generations. Most of the Hispanics come from Mexico and South America. They arrived over the last fifty years. They often keep ties to their home countries. And most of the Asians come from China, India, and Pakistan. They also arrived over the last fifty years.

The minorities differ from one another. The first blacks arrived in this country as slaves. The Civil War ended slavery. It did not end the memory of slavery in the minds of the ensuing generations. Nor did it end distinctions based on the color of people. Until the middle of the twentieth century, black people faced restrictions by many laws.

Mexico abuts the United States. The Southwestern part of this country emerged from a Spanish background. That is why crossing the border between Mexico and the U.S. has a different meaning than, say, crossing the Atlantic Ocean.  The migration of Hispanics seeking a better life only requires a long walk or driving a car.

Asians saw America as a land of opportunity. It was worth their while to cross oceans to take part in an economy that welcomed their skills. As old societies, it was not a new idea for them to roam the world.

The first settlers wrested the land from its native inhabitants. White people of European background then designed America. In the beginning, it was people from England and the Netherlands. Our form of government is their invention.

It became clear that the land mass in front of them was huge. Immigrants were essential. Many Germans arrived. Polish, Irish, Italian, and Jews from Europe followed.

It is human nature to resist change. From the first settlers to today’s refugees, it has always been a struggle to join the nation.  America’s ways of welcoming are daunting. But America has been absorbing people for 250 years. It is an essential component of who we are.

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