What Is The University Of South Carolina Application Essay

There are a lot of factors that go into deciding which college or university is the best fit for you. At the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, our job is to provide you with information that you need to make informed decisions.

We encourage you to review our requirements for freshmen, transfers and international students, and also note important deadlines for applications and credentials such as official test scores. You may also wish to consider other pathways to USC Columbia.

You probably have a lot of questions, and we want you to feel comfortable and confident in your decision to become a member of the USC family, so connect with us today. Our staff is dedicated to making the process for applying to the university as smooth and seamless as possible.



The Carolinian Creed is central to who we are and what we do, including when standing up for one's beliefs in a peaceable, civil and lawful way. Therefore, any applicants subject to disciplinary action solely for exercising their constitutional rights by participating in peaceful, lawful protests should not be concerned about how it might impact their admission.

Explore Pathways to USC Columbia

There's more than one way to start your path to the University of South Carolina. Explore the many pathways to USC Columbia. 

Tips for All Applicants

Regardless if you are applying as a freshman, transfer or non-degree student, be sure to follow these tips and procedures before filling out your application.

  • Be sure to to review all deadlines. Make sure you are applying in time for the semester for which you wish to begin your studies. 
  • Review admissions requirements. Make sure you know what's needed and when.
  • When you apply, you'll need to set up an online account. Make sure it's tied to an email address that you check frequently.
  • After applying, be sure to login into the credentials check , and send in any credentials (test scores, transcripts, etc.) that are required by the stated deadlines.

Tips for Freshman Applicants

If you are applying to be considered as a freshman, there are a few other things you'll need on hand:

  • Test scores and test dates. If you've already taken the SAT or the ACT, make sure you have access to the scores. If you plan to take the test in the future, make sure you mark the anticipated date on the admissions application.
  • High school transcript. You'll need to have a copy of your high school transcript that has either a signature from a school official on it or your school seal on it. You'll upload an image of your transcript to the application.
  • Senior year schedule. You'll be asked to list the names of all of your senior year courses on the application. 

5818This is the SAT code for the University of South Carolina

3880This is the ACT code for the University of South Carolina

Oct. 15Apply for freshman admission by this date to be eligible for an early decision. Read about our admissions deadlines.

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