Hebrew With Dawoud Lesson 31 Homework

Rush Limbaugh's racist "parody" called "Obama the Magic Negro", is set to the tune of "Puff the Magic Dragon".

Will Clear Channel-owned Premiere Radio Networks (which also distributes Rev. Jesse Jackson's Keep Hope Alive radio show) cancel Rush's show? You're kidding me, right?

So, why was Imus sacrificed, but Limbaugh will likely prevail, you ask?

Well, for one, Limbaugh reaches a vastly larger audience (read: ad money). And also, "mainstream" (read: non-overtly conservative) journalists, politicians and public figures are not encouraged to go on his show, nor are they likely invited (in good faith). With Imus, "mainstream" reporters from NBC and other highly regarded "non-partisan" journalists were invited, and listened to, on his show. Once Imus dropped the NHH bomb, it automatically tarnished the veneer of credibility and professionalism of any journalist or public figure who appeared on his show. (And it spooked his major advertisers as well.) But for Limbaugh, that espoused objectivity never existed for his guests, guests whose patron organizations will not likely feel any pressure from their supporters to boycott his show.

Imus' show was broadcast on MSNBC and distributed by CBS Radio. CBS is one of the "Big 8" media conglomerates and MSNBC is owned by another conglomerate, General Electric.

The entity that distributes Limbaugh's show is owned by conglomerate, Clear Channel Communications. So, what does that mean? Some of your favorite "Black" radio stations/shows that so many African Americans listen to everyday will have a conflict of interest if they were to call for terminating Premiere's distribution of Limbaugh's show because -- like Limbaugh's show -- they too are owned by Clear Channel!

In fact, Clear Channel owns over 1,100 radio stations (and over 40 TV stations in 27 markets)!

So, watch this foul little diddy below. But before you get all mad and wanna get Imus on ole drug-addled Limbaugh, realize that this highly unwinnable battle is not nearly as important as the war against media consolidation.

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